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    Increase your employees’
    health & productivity

Dotec, specialised in ergonomic handling

For health and safety reasons, LiftAssists become more important. Regulations are becoming more strict and processes need to be efficient. Therefor you are looking for a solution that will fit your process and tackles all the lifting issues.
Even though the regulations for working conditions are becoming more strict, a lot of lifting is still done manually. This could occur in illnesses and less efficiency in your process. Since 1981 Dotec is a leading provider of handling solutions. We find it very important that we contribute to a safer, more ergonomic and more efficient work environment worldwide. From our headquarters in Joure, the Netherlands, handling solutions are being shipped all over the world.

  • ergonomic ease of use – finger touch, no buttons, no switches therefore a short learning curve;
  • no bending, no stretching, eyes on the load, awareness on the surrounding area;
  • increasing of your flexibility;
  • we don’t leave until your handler works perfectly. You will receive instruction and training after every installation;
  • in our showroom in Joure we have 20 handlers available for demonstration. You will be able to test a variety of handlers.

Who we are

Dotec is a family owned company that always puts the customer first.
We are accessible, reliable, flexible and servient.
We mutually develop new technologies and products with our customers through knowledge, experience and guts.
We are the global total supplier of bespoke solutions offering a broad portfolio of standard developed LiftAssists for a variety of market segments.
Dotec is innovative and puts the operator and process optimisation in the center.
We focus on ease of use, safety, simplicity of operation, ergonomics, design, efficiency, proportional and flexible movement.

Quality above all, in everything that we do.

Experience Dotec