Dotec system setup

Dotec LiftAssists have very specific characteristics that are based on ease of operation, speed of work and ergonomics. The learning curve is only 10 minutes, and handling becomes a pleasure.

Air Balancer

Air Balancer

The air-balancer is the muscle of the system and makes the elastic vertical movement possible. The compressed air pressure that moves the piston brings the load in balance. By letting in additional compressed air or by escaping air, the piston moves. The piston rod is connected to a ball-screw that is connected to the spool. In this way the linear movement of the piston is turned into a turning movement of the spool. This means that the wire rope winds up and unwinds. In fact, the load is permanently supported by an air cushion, which improves ergonomic handling.

The Dotec Ergohandle

The Dotec Ergohandle

The central feature of The Dotec LiftAssist is the ergonomic handle which is used to operate The LiftAssist. The handle can move freely up and down sliding through the hands, allowing the user to keep eyes on the load while a mere finger touch determines both direction and speed.
There is no bending or stretching when lifting to high or low positions. 

Tilt or rotate is activated by operating the levers at the sides. This is similar to the steering wheel of a car. Focus on the product that is being handled, safety first!

Dotec infrastructure

Depending on several factors, the decision is made whether a rail system or a jib crane is most suitable for the process.


The infrastructure is the backbone of the total system. In the design of The LiftAssist, we strive for maximum weight savings to accomplish minimum effort while moving the load from A to B.
It is essential that infrastructure components, such as rail, trolleys and bearings match these design rules.
Dotec infrastructure is designed for the 24/7 production environment running at high frequencies.


Dotec Jib Cranes are most suitable for short transfer processes. They provide comfortable and ergonomic movement, exist out of state of the art materials and feel smooth while moving loads. With an integrated parking bracket it secures a safe way of parking the handler when it is not in use.


Dotec aluminium rail profiles have a unique way of suspending and trolley design providing a rolling resistance ≤1% of the load to be moved.

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