A smooth operation

The smooth operation of The LiftAssist highly depends on the correct infrastructure, which is needed for horizontal movement. There are several options, most common are a rail system or a jib crane. The area lay-out determines the ideal solution. 

Dotec infrastructure

Dotec infrastructure

The infrastructure is the backbone of the total system. In the design of The LiftAssist, we strive for maximum weight savings to accomplish minimum effort while moving the load from A to B.
It is essential that infrastructure components, such as rail, trolleys and bearings match these design rules.

Dotec infrastructure is designed for the 24/7 production environment running at high frequencies.


Free standing steel structures or ceiling mounted supporting steel is an essential part of the Dotec total solution. We provide turnkey project management.


Dotec aluminium rail profiles have a unique way of suspending and trolley design providing a rolling resistance ≤1% of the load to be moved.

Dotec Jib Crane

Dotec Jib Crane

Dotec Jib Cranes are most suitable for short transfer processes. They provide a comfortable and ergonomic movement, exist of state of the art materials and feel smooth while moving loads. With an integrated parking bracket it secures a safe way of parking the handler when it is not in use.



The benefits of a Dotec infrastructure

The infrastructure of Dotec is a unique developed infrastructure which suits the LiftAssists of Dotec best. For an optimal performance of the LiftAssist, it is highly recommended for you to order the Dotec infrastructure along with ordering a Dotec LiftAssist.

The Dotec sales team is eager to support you which type of infrastructure is most suitable for your process.