My internship experience at Dotec: 'A warm-welcoming and educational journey'

Introduction: Hello everyone! My name is Tobias Brull, and I am a 23-year-old International Business student. Today, I would like to share my internship experience at Dotec B.V. with you. In this article, I will take you through my discovery of this internship spot, the reasons why I chose Dotec, and everything I learned during my internship. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my story!


Meeting Dotec: It was pure coincidence that I found out Dotec had an internship available. Thanks to an acquaintance, I got in touch with head of the marketing and sales team from the company. After an initial conversation with the CEO and the team leader, I immediately felt at ease and comfortable. It felt as if I had been part of the team for years, which only made me more excited to join Dotec.


The Appeal of Dotec: What immediately attracted me to Dotec was the openness and the feeling that I was welcome. Although I knew little about the company and the market it operates in before my internship, all Dotec employees were willing to help me and explain everything. This quickly gave me insight into Dotec's expertise and the complex market in which they operate. This warm welcome made me feel right at home within the company.


Discoveries at Dotec: Before my internship, I knew nothing about Dotec. It was a completely unknown company to me. However, during my internship period, I got to know Dotec well. What struck me was that Dotec is a real family business, where the family feeling is immediately noticeable. Everyone at Dotec gets along well and is there for each other. I also learned a lot about the systems Dotec produces and why Dotec is considered a market leader.


Learning Moments and Contribution to my Study: At Dotec, I learned a lot. I had the opportunity to experience all aspects of marketing and sales that you don't learn in school. Think, for example, of communicating with customers, drawing up quotations, and collaborating with different departments within a company. These are all valuable practical experiences that complement my International Business studies. Moreover, Dotec is an international company, so I came into contact with various international companies, which perfectly matches my education.


Internship Recommendation: Would I recommend this internship spot at Dotec to others? Absolutely! Dotec offers a working environment where you can develop yourself. You are not just an intern who only gets to do the boring tasks. Instead, you get a full-fledged spot within the team and are treated as a colleague. Of course, something is expected of you, but that only contributes to the realistic work experience. And don't forget, there is always room for fun and a good atmosphere within the company.


Conclusion: My internship at Dotec was an open-hearted and educational journey. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to be part of this amazing team. My experience not only gave me valuable practical experience but also a deeper understanding of the complex market in which Dotec operates. If you are looking for an internship where you can grow, develop yourself, and be part of a close-knit team, I can highly recommend Dotec.