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The balancer is the muscle of the system and makes the up and down movement possible.

The central feature of the Dotec LiftAssist is the ErgoHandle®. With just a finger touch the system can be directed with proportional speed and most important keeping your back straight.

All of our handlers are modular designed, every Dotec LiftAssist has the automated centerpoint of gravity adjustment where the loaded or unloaded system always adjust itself into the correct position aligned with the operator.

Jib crane:
Capacity: weight max. 350 kg, length max. 4m, height will be determined with the customer depending on the available height and stacking height.
Options: 360° pivot bearing, brake on pivot bearing, brake and stoppers.
Perfect for short transfer applications

Aluminium Rail system:
Provide ultimate light X-Y movement.
Perfect for both light weight and heavy weight.
Air Balance Lifter®

Weight max 50 kg (vertical travel 1600 mm, horizontal travel 2100 mm and 360°, 4200 mm radius)
Plug & play system that can be featured with a variety of tools for lifting small rolls, boxes, crates, buckets, bags
Options: pallet base, quick change tool for different applications