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A Dotec LiftAssist meets your requirements. We advise you how to use the LiftAssist in a safe, ergonomic and efficient way. When lifting manually the risk of injuries and accidents is significant. Besides that, lifting manually can be a strain. A full working day lifting manually is exhausting and not ergonomic. By using a Dotec Lift Assist you reduce the risks of injuries and the operator can work in an ergonomic way.
In most cases yes. Depending on your balancer you will have a range of weights you can lift. The Lift Assist can handle any weights within the given range. Ask us and share your minimum and maximum weight if you like to receive more information and what this means for your process.
Yes, for smaller narrow lightweight rolls we have a solution to pick up multiple rolls.
A LiftAssist is designed to make work lighter, by taking the load off your hands and doing it faster. The ergonomic design - “your extra hand” – simplifies controls, lowers weight and enhances the ease with the handle, lifts and lowers: all these features make the Dotec Lift Assist a unique tool.
All the Dotec LiftAssist are safe to use. They meet all the requirements and standards. For more information about the safety of the LiftAssist, please find more under FAQ safety or contact us.
No, your products will not be damaged. We can even add some extra protection on your LiftAssist.
A Dotec LiftAssist is low on maintenance. On average one inspection every six months and service once a year is advised to keep your LiftAssist in good shape.
One of (many of) our customers was manually handling rolls and asked about the ROI of a Dotec Roll handler. In this specific case, the existing process was to manually push a 80kg roll from the vertical stack on the pallet. They rolled it over the floor and tipped it over to horizontal with two operators. A basic tool with chain hoist was used to load it onto the machine prior to unwinding. Once loaded they had to remove about 10 meters of material because of damage and dirt of rolling it over the floor. After implementing the Dotec Roll turner they had no more waste and were able to load more rolls with a single operator. This resulted in a ROI of 8 months. For every customer is the situation differently but we would like to get to know your process to determine the return on investment.
Yes, your LiftAssist will be fully tested with your own product before it is being shipped. Prior to shipping we perform a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) where we invite you to our production facility to test the LiftAssist with us or we make a video of the FAT and after approval we send it to the you. After installation we carry out the Site Acceptance Test. We will only leave if your handler works perfectly.
It depends on the size of your LiftAssist. If you use a pneumatic handler intensively with a compressor of 6-7 Bar you will use about 150-250 NL/min. Using a vacuum system requires more air and will use an average of 400-600 NL/min. Vacuum pump powered systems are constantly switched on which results in a high usage of air and power. Compared to the vacuum pump powered systems the Dotec vacuum handler can be switched to standby and uses no air at that moment.


FAQ Safety

Yes, Dotec LiftAssists are suitable for ATEX zones. All of our Lift Assist are pneumatic and work with compressed air. There is no electricity needed. We make sure that all the parts of the Lift Assist are very well isolated. Also, an external certified company will test your LiftAssists before FAT if it meets all the requirements for the ATEX zone.
Yes, all the Dotec LiftAssists are suitable for clean rooms. We can manufacture your Dotec Lift Assist in stainless steel. We make sure that there are no hollow spaces where particles or dust can accumulate. We can also attach bellows to the hinges, which gives dust no chance to be left behind.
Yes, all Dotec LiftAssists are CE certified. The CE certification is required for all machines. It means that the machines comply with the European health, safety and environmental protection legislation. All of our Dotec LiftAssists will be provided with a CE plate and certificate for the full set-up. The following machinery guidelines are applicable to Dotec: Machinery Guideline (2006/42/EG) NEN-EN-ISO 12100-1: 2010 NEN-EN-ISO 13857: 2008 NEN-EN 14238: 2004 + A1: 2010 NEN-ISO 4414: 2010
All our engineers and technicians are VCA certified. VCA is there to make sure that people work safely and healthy. You can trust that all the work is done without putting the safety, health and the environment in danger.
All Dotec LiftAssists have a so called ErgoHandle®. This is the central feature of the Dotec LiftAssist. The ErgoHandle® can move up and down sliding through the hands, allowing the user to keep his eyes on the load. A finger touch determines both direction and speed. The ErgoHandle® makes working ergonomically. You can keep your back straight and bending is not necessary. After every installation we will train the operators to use the LiftAssist in the best ergonomic and efficient way. We always advise people to keep both hands on the handle and let the LiftAssist do the work. If you have specific safety needs, we can adjust the LiftAssist as you prefer. Together with you we discuss the possibilities.