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Dotec roll handlers are worldwide used for lifting, turning and moving rolls.

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Sacks & Bags

Through years of experience there are a lot of different possibilities in lifting bags and sacks.

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With our solutions to handle CBL crates for food, beer crates or plastic bins you can improve the efficiency in your process.

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Dotec Keg handlers are there to increase the productivity of your process, handle higher volumes and to reduce the risk of injuries.

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Whether you need to lift, turn or empty a drum, it is a heavy task manually. The Dotec Drum Handler solves the handling issue.

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Dotec Box handlers are applicable for multiple processes like pick & place, lifting, turning, emptying and to place products in or out of the box.

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With a Dotec jerrycan handler you can speed up the process and increase injuries by taking away the physical strain.

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A Dotec panel handler can lift and turn panels of wood, glass, steel, metal and plastic up to 350kg.

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Through the years Dotec gained a lot of experience by finding the best solution for different handling requests from customers.

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