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In most cases inspection will be combined with preventive maintenance. A 6-month inspection and a 12-month maintenance is the most common form of contract. When the frequency of usage is higher, a shorter interval is advised, when the LiftAssist is used less, a 12-month inspection is sufficient. The intermediate inspection allows us also to calculate the time needed for maintenance and to guarantee continuity. Preventive maintenance has a significant advantage. By inspecting the LiftAssist we also stimulate the way of handling and the careful handling by your employees. Potential (safety) problems will appear sooner and will be solved in time. Also the durability of your system(s) will increase substantial.


At Dotec you can order the right parts for your handler. Our people from the service department can inform you on which parts is advised to have in stock.

Would like to receive more information about what is necessary to keep your handler in the best shape or would you like to make an appointment for maintenance or inspection?

Please contact our service department.

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