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Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages industry is a large worldwide industry. Anywhere in the world we need food and beverage packaging. Fresh food, beverages, beer, wine, snacks and sweets are being consumed. For all these products packaging is needed. Packaging material mostly comes from large and heavy rolls. The Dotec LiftAssist can speed up your process and reduce the risks of injuries on the work floor. We also have a wide range LiftAssists to handle kegs and crates with beverages.
We can provide you with a LiftAssist that is suitable for environments where hygiene is important or for example in wash down environments. The LiftAssist can also be provided in stainless steel to meet hygiene standards. Stainless steel is proven to be corrosion resistant, is easy to clean and stands out in strength and formability.

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"Our experience of the handlers is that they are perfect for the role we needed them for and Dotec were more than accommodating to make minor modifications to suit our exact needs. Dotec are extremely professional and thorough and I would not hesitate to recommend them." -EHS & CI Supervisor, Ingredion UK-