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Roll Handling Solutions | Dotec The Friendly Lift Assist

Dotec LiftAssist introduces all new roll handler


For health and safety reasons, LiftAssists become more important. Regulations are becoming more strict and processes need to be efficient. Therefor you are looking for a solution that will fit your process and tackles all the lifting issues.

Dotec is since 1981 expert in roll handling and general handling. From our headquarters in Joure, the Netherlands, handling solutions are being shipped all over the world. For different kind of processes you can find a solution. Major industries are Flexible Packaging, Hygiene, Yarns & Fabric. The number one processed products in these industries are rolls.In the last few years we see a change in the sizes of the rolls. The volumes are getting higher, the rolls are getting larger and heavier, but also getting smaller and lighter. Dotec has different ranges that go from 10kg to 500kg suitable for your process. To meet the requirements of the market we developed a new edition to the Dotec roll handlers called RH 50. This roll handler is ideal for rolls up to 50 kg that need to be lifted and tilted. The RH 50 is compared to the existing roll handlers improved in speed, user friendliness and in weight to result in optimal ergonomic handling. The learning curve is very short. Everything can be controlled by a finger touch which makes it very easy to work with. By implementing a Dotec LiftAssist the work of the production employees becomes lighter and is making your process more efficient. The physical strain is taken away and the volume of rolls that need to be handled increases. Apart from roll handling, Dotec offers also a wide range in handlers for many other applications.

Are you interested in how a Dotec LiftAssist can optimize your process? Do not hesitate to contact us.